Meet the Fleet

From Europe to Nashville, our mobile bars are living history.

Piaggio Ape

The Piaggio Ape (pronounced ah-pay) was conceived after World War II when Italians were hard-pressed to afford personal transportation vehicles. Often serving as work trucks, the Ape, which means “bee” in Italian, worked just as hard buzzing around town back then as it does today.

Meet Spritzy

Imported directly from Europe to Nashville, Spritzy is a 1982 Piaggio “VespaCar” Ape that measures 58” wide and 70” tall and was the first model of its type to have a full steering wheel (as opposed to scooter handles like her predecessors).

She has undergone a complete restoration—stripped down to her shell and rebuilt with the custom features you see today. She boasts a beautiful Quatrefoil patterned walnut backsplash, zinc countertops, and five chrome taps ready to pour a variety of beverages of your choosing.

Spritzy is completely self-sufficient, and doesn’t need electrical power to operate or pour ice cold drinks.

The Motorbar

Benny, our 1968 motorcycle, is a replica of a World War II military motorcycle that was designed to travel with a gunner alongside combat tanks.

Meet Benny

In our restoration process, Benny was completely disassembled and repainted in a vintage Volkswagen gray. We also transformed the previous gunner seat into a mobile kegerator, complete with two chrome taps ready to pour beer, custom cocktails, or any libation that wets your whistle. Measuring 64” wide and 94” long, Benny is completely self-sufficient and doesn’t require a power source to operate.

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